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My iBook was killed by a Panther!

Well, not really. I did upgrade to Panther (aka MacOS 10.3). And after that, something went haywire with the iBook and the LCD is dead. And the VGA out, too. (In my head: Wicked Witch in "The Wizard of Oz", going, "And your little doggie, too!!!! hahahahehehehehahahha!")

I called Apple yesterday, and a coffin should be coming today for the corpse. Hopefully this implies that shipping to them will be included. Because I told them I still have the original box the iBook came in, but they wanted to send a box anyway. Feh.

But hooray for "target disk mode" of the Apple notebook line. While on the tech support call, we confirmed that my computer is alive, just headless. Hold down "T" when I turn it on, and it becomes a plain ol' Firewire disk drive. Found a program for WinXP that lets it mount Mac disks (MacDrive 5 w/ a 5 day free trial! woohoo! And it's got a groovy icon! ^_^) and copied most of my important data off of the disk. Important data in this case being my ripped CD library, which I'd rather not do again thank-you-very-much.

Ah, but alas, poor iBook, you lived but 45 days, and will soon go home to thine maker. Hopefully I won't get a replacement zombie iBook back. Though if they want to send me an iBook G4, I doubt I'd complain. :^)

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