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And tonight I am reminded why I tend to be insular, and keep myself away from groups & other people. It's a really bad reason, too. I've been playing around on Gaia, and joined a guild there. It had a lot of people, and I took it as just a way for us to show our interest to others by being listed as a member of the guild. But now, today, I have a PM that since I haven't been posting in the Guild's thread, I'm no longer a member. Hmph! Well it's their guild, fine by them. But they could've said something in the guild thread about being expected to post. They still didn't add anything like that.

What gets me the most is that the PM says they had sent me another PM a few days earlier warning about this change, which of course I don't have that PM. Lies bother me a lot. Even if they thought they sent the PM, I never got it and it bothers me. (That they are using something I never received as part of their reason for removing me from the member list.)

Bah. I should make a guild of my own for people who don't want to post to be in a guild, but then, would I be able to keep up with having 90% of Gaia users in my guild. ;-)

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