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The Scoreboard - Sam's Journal

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November 4th, 2003

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04:55 pm - The Scoreboard
I worked last Saturday. Our boss (Bob) was promised that we'd have all the support we needed since we were told to work last Saturday. Of course, when we were here, we didn't have all the support we needed. So he sent an e-mail out recording what we dealt with.

On Monday, another Director (Frank) -- who was responsible for the group that we couldn't get ahold of on Saturday -- sent out an e-mail badmouthing Bob and how Bob handled the Saturday situation. And it built up to a little e-mail flurry.

So I decided to put a "scoreboard" up on my whiteboard, using American Football scoring. My group decides how many points Bob and Frank get based on developments as they happen. Coming into today, Bob was trailing 7 - 5. Today, however, Bob got a touchdown as the latest code from Frank's group wasn't fully tested before they gave it to us! Hah! 7 - 12 in Bob's favor, and more points to come.

Now there are quite a few people who know about the scoreboard. I need to come up with some way for people to propose points for events. Heh. This could be fun -- and I wonder if I could extend this into some form of online game. Something to think about tonight... ^_^
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