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What a surprise... - Sam's Journal

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November 7th, 2003

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05:28 pm - What a surprise...
We've been told why we have to work tomorrow: we have to close all the bug reports we committed to on Monday by the end of the week. Even though we've probably spent half of our time this week on things that were called "critical" and not on our schedules on Monday.

So.... ignore "critical" issues, complete what we promised, and be made to work Saturday to resolve "critical" issues; or help with "critical" issues as they arise & resolve them, miss some of our promised bugfixes, and be made to work Saturday to meet our promises. What a choice.

Option three: build in a 100% buffer on all commitments, so that we have time to deal with critical issues as they arise without impacting our commitments to other groups. Yeah. That's a winning strategy, but it's the only way I can see to keep our weekends to ourselves.

Oh, yeah, and never mind that I've averaged 10 hours a day. Bastards. Why is it that I don't see the VP of Engineering, who says we have to work Saturday, in here late at night? I could go on and on, it feels like my group is the only one being pressured like this, even though several of our "critical" bugs are due to bugs in code other people have handed us! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

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Date:November 7th, 2003 08:14 pm (UTC)
honestly, it seems that you're in the catch 22 because they WANT you to be there. i don't think they really need you to work saturday, and i'm sure they know there are more effective ways to manage the project. but how impressive does it sound to have a manager tell people above him (or venture capitalists): "yah, our engineers have been putting in overtime and weekends to make this product as good as possible!"

i think they want you to work weekends because they like you working weekends in concept, necessary or otherwise.

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