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My Attempt at a Fair Handling of the Work Situation - Sam's Journal

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November 8th, 2003

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07:33 am - My Attempt at a Fair Handling of the Work Situation
Okay, so it turns out that we're off the hook for this Saturday. As it turns out, we finished all but one of our promised bugfixes for the week, and the one we didn't finish was a performance optimization that isn't necessary. We also finished several additional "critical" bugs during the week. And we found out late on Friday that we're now going to be responsible for finding the defective code in two additional parts, because the group responsible for those parts is so backlogged.

(Of course they're backlogged. One of the developers in that group quit to go home to India. And they haven't replaced him, because we're not hiring more developers in So. Cal. We're not hiring here because they want to get rid of this office and move development to Silicon Valley. Our Marketing and Sales is in Silicon Valley, basically because our Venture Capitalists are in Silicon Valley. Feh.)

So we have an open developer slot, and they won't hire someone to fill it, of COURSE someone is going to end up overloaded. But then, most of the faults that are initially assigned to my team turn out to be faults in these other components. And we're about out of bugs in the code we actually wrote. So, of course, reward the team that wrote the less-buggy code (or fixed their buggy code more quickly) by giving them more buggy code to fix. Ah, the logic of business.

Except that we actually can't fix the code of the other parts. We're not allowed to modify their code. But we can find the code we believe to be responsible, and propose a change to fix the bug. Ummmm... wha? We have to fix their bugs but we can't fix their bugs? Sounds like the one person who's backlogged is going to turn into a patch maintainer. If we want that, we could hire any number of people to simply merge patches, and free other people up for more work.

Back to my life... since our Director knew that we're going to get pounded with other people's bugs, he came to the conclusion, "Why should we work on Saturday?" I mean, when our code was having problems and falling behind, we asked for help and received none. We worked Saturdays, as necessary, to meet our reasonable goals. And where were they? Working short weeks and taking full pay. I put in about 50 hours in 5 days, and I'm going to be rewarded by being asked to work Saturday too? I'll start keeping my hours to 8 a day then, and now you'll only get 48 hours out of the week.

Now... why are we worried about working Saturdays? Well, during the last release cycle everyone started working 6-day weeks for the last two months to get everything working, and they missed the target date by a few weeks. So this time, VP of Engineering wants us to go to 6-day weeks early so that we don't miss our target dates. Even though we're on time right now. Or, I should say, our group is on time.

We keep timesheets on a server. You can look at anyone's timesheet. So I took a few minutes to look at other timesheets yesterday. My group averaged about 50 hours per week. Several other groups are still at 40 hours a week. If they need help unloading the bottleneck, why aren't those groups being asked to work Saturdays & work on the SCR backlog? Hmmm?

Anyway, I think I know what to expected in future weekends. At least on this Saturday, though, I don't have to work and can go see Revolutions with my buds.

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Date:November 8th, 2003 01:12 pm (UTC)
Have you mentioned all of this to your boss? Damn that fucking sucks. :(

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