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Blah biddy blah buh blah. (That'd make a better phone post.) I miss… - Sam's Journal

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November 16th, 2003

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02:57 pm
Blah biddy blah buh blah. (That'd make a better phone post.) I miss my Apple laptop. It's been in repair for a week and a half, and I'm here without a working laptop. The old Compaq sorta started working again when the Apple got sent it, but now the Compaq is dead again. Well, not completely dead, but malfunctioning in random ways: not seeing hard drive, not seeing RAM, random GPF's early in start-up. And I don't really have a comfy chair that I sit down in at the computer anymore. I guess I shouldn't be such a 'net addict, but alas woe is me.

Nah, I think addict is when I go buy another laptop with the plans to return it when the Apple comes back. I don't think I'm that bad. At least not yet hehehehe.

Went to Micro Center while we were out this morning, and I drooled over all the assorted computer parts they have. If I ever decide to build my own computer again, I will be doing significants amount of shopping there. Or at Fry's. I didn't have these options in Virginia.

Serial ATA cables are cool. Small, tiny, routable little things. Just give me a serial ATA DVD burner, and I'd say that I could actually put together a computer that would look pretty good on the inside of the case. Clear acrylic cases with lights. Man, the definition of eye-candy. I dunno, I think there's something wrong with computers that are built just for show. It's sorta like tradeshows, where the products are non-functional so they make them look as pretty as possible. If the computer looks that nice, there's gotta be something wrong with it.

Does that explain Apples? They look pretty, so there's gotta be something wrong with them? Ha!

Dee's old computer has been sitting here since July-ish. I really should come up with something fun to do with it. Alas, though, nothing has been done yet. I've been considering the different types of servers I could toss on it. The freeware iTunes sharing on the Linux box is a little slow, I wonder if a real iTunes share from Windows would be faster? There's also the TiVo Home Media option, to turn my TiVo into an MP3 jukebox, that'd be cool.

See, I get all these cool ideas and then I want to go do it, and I'm sorta like... bleh, that's work. I have to work with these computer things at work. Have I finally been ruined to the joys of building my own network? Am I destined to buy Apple hardware that "just works" together? Have I become technologically over-the-hill?
Current Mood: restlessrestless

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