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I'm so self-absorbed I'm forcing everyone to read about my life...

So I finally called Apple this morning about my m.i.a. laptop. I handed it to the delivery company on November 3rd, and Apple got it on the 5th. And it went to be repaired on the 5th. And there had been no status since that day. So this morning I called, and waited for about 20 minutes on hold to talk to someone to see what was wrong.

Short answer: they're waiting for a replacement "logic board" that is out of stock at the repair depot.

Long answer: Without asking, the service person said that it was very wrong that it's taken almost two weeks--and still counting--to repair my notebook. They quote a 5-7 day turnaround on repairs. So he's put something into their computer system--I don't understand it, but he called it a "parts search"--and that I should have my notebook on Thursday. If I don't have it on Thursday, he said to call back on a different number and to talk to a different group--which I assume doesn't have a 20 minute hold time--to see what's going on.

Which means, if all goes well, I may have my adorable little Mac book back by the weekend. If I'm lucky, I might actually be able to play with it some this weekend, too.


In other news, Dee has jury duty on Thursday. She has to report by 7:45 am. WTF? I mean... before 8 am just seems so wrong. Are they just trying to be as annoying as possible? Why couldn't they do the first day of jury duty closer to 9 am? Oh well. If we get ourselves out of bed waaaay early, we might be able to do breakfast before we get there. We checked out the destination on Saturday, and there was a Norm's nearby up at the courthouse. If we get there by 7 am, we would probably have time to eat before Dee has to report. Here's hoping that it's only a one-day thing.

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