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Bitching pays off... as long as you aren't Bitchy about it. - Sam's Journal

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November 21st, 2003

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09:09 am - Bitching pays off... as long as you aren't Bitchy about it.
So, at the end of October, my iBook "died". The video on it conked out completed, not even the external VGA worked. So I called Apple, and was quite impressed. They led me through some basic troubleshooting--there are quite a few "special things" in Macs to help this, which I didn't know how to do--and then arranged repair.

They sent a "recovery kit" overnight to me. The recovery kit says how to pack your product in the box they sent (so you didn't have to save your original box, or let anyone at Mail Boxes Etc. randomly pack it), and then you pull off the first shipping label and there's a new shipping label, prepaid, to send your item back to them. Just had to call the shipper (Airbourne Express) and have them pick it up from home. Cool.

Shipment occured on November 3rd, overnight delivery. Apple received the product on the 5th... 2 days later. Airbourne was not honoring overnight from SoCal due to the fires. Okay, while I don't really agree with that--the recovery kit got here overnight--I could deal. Not Apple's fault, well, beyond using a crappy carrier. (Look back to the July 4th weekend of 2002. I don't care much for Airborne anymore.)

So it goes into repair. And a week goes by. And almost two weeks, until I called on the 18th to check. Yup, still in repair, waiting for a replacement logic board. But repairs are supposed to be done in 5-7 days, this is "out of the ordinary" (paraphrased from customer support person). He told me that I would have my notebook back by Thursday (the 20th), and that if I didn't I should call Customer Relations, and gave me a differen 800# to call.

So yesterday, Thursday, came and went, no package. Called Apple this morning, talked with customer relations. The part won't be there until Monday, but they'll fix it and get it right back to me, and if it wasn't done on Monday they'd replace the notebook, was this okay? Well, no. I said you've made one standard promise of 5-7 day fix, and you missed that, and then the other support person promised Thursday, and you missed that as well. Why should I believe that you'll get it done on Monday now? So they asked me to hold again...

And then they came back, and told me they'd replace the notebook today, and hopefully get it shipped today as well. Replaced with a new product. Well, I had the prior generation iBook, which has been "refreshed." So I'm getting a similar model from the new "iBook G4" family. 33 MHz CPU speed increated, G3 to G4 processor, and other assorted improvements. Granted, it's not the model with an equal price to my model, but then if I wanted to upgrade to it, I would spend a lot more money. So I can deal with this. Hopefully it will ship today & I'll have a new notebook on Saturday (crossing fingers) or Monday. If it doesn't, then it'll ship Monday, and I'll have it Tuesday.

Sometimes it pays to complain in a well-reasoned voice...
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Date:November 21st, 2003 11:16 am (UTC)
I agree. And although it took them awhile it sounds like they will take care of you. This happens to be the first not so good instance I have heard about the Mac repair department. Also yes complaining in a well reasoned and not attacking voice does get you far with people who are used to getting yelled at and bitched at daily. I will do everything I can to help the custmomer who points out what is not working kindly and I will do little when I get bitched at when they dont like some lame functionality on our site.

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