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The Day, In Recap

First, why does it feel so late so early? I think it gets dark here "earlier" than it did in Virginia. I guess this has something to do with east/west location within the time zone. I don't think I've ever lived anywhere were it got dark this early. Or maybe I just never really paid attention. ^_^

Called Apple tech support about Dee's iPod. It really wasn't syncing well to iTunes on her PC, and I tried on my iBook with similarly bad results. A single playlist would sync OK one pass, then I'd change it, and then I'd change back to the first playlist and it would fail to sync. So we had to replace it. Tech support wanted to do a through-the-mail exchange, I said no, I'm taking it back to the Apple Store.

Of course, at the Apple Store, they wanted to further "diagnose" it. I let them have it, and after a few minutes of playing there came our new replacement iPod. I would've figured Dee would get it syncing fast, but I hear FFXI coming from her direction, so who knows.

My team (Virginia Tech) lost today to their in-state rival. And I paid DirectTV $14.99 for the privilege of seeing it. (Why the local station here in L.A. was playing the Georgia-Georgia Tech game, I'm not sure... maybe just because it had a higher ranked team in it?) Bah, I want my money back, DirectTV!

Been a while since I've actually gotten together with people to just play games, or watch movies. Things have been hectic for everyone, things seem to be going wrong everywhere. But I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, and just getting myself left out of what does happen?

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