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So today I have a "family function" with Dee's family. They sure get… - Sam's Journal

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December 6th, 2003

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07:40 am
So today I have a "family function" with Dee's family. They sure get started on their Christmas parties early in the season. (And next Friday is the company party... what is it with the early parties out here?) My boss is also having his birthday party today, overlapping with the family function. If we leave the family thing early, I'll consider stopping in for my boss's birthday.

Last night was just a bit relaxing and on the boring side. Watched a few episodes of Good Eats, and a few Jeopardy!s. Listened to some music, and had dinner. Of course, I didn't end up leaving work until 9pm, but at least I've made a lot of progress in finding the bug I'm currently tracking.

It would've been great to hang out with people last night, but from the contacts I tried it didn't sound like anything was going on. Hope everyone had fun...
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