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Silly Little Projects - Sam's Journal

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December 17th, 2003

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10:57 pm - Silly Little Projects
I've been trying to come up with some good playlist ideas for iTunes & my iPod. Last night as I went to bed, the thought of making my own copies of some "Top 40" style lists came to mind. This evening I happened across the Rick Dees web which has weekly Top 40's and, what got my attention, top 100 lists for 2000 through 2002.

From my existing music collection, I have 15 of the top 100 of 2000, 8 for 2001, and 9 for 2002. But, then, this is a pop music list, and a lot of the collection is Country... or Weird Al. Not many Weird Al songs on those Top 100 lists. Hehehe.

Another project, although not so silly, was trying to find a parking spot at the Irvine Spectrum Center tonight. Dee & I went there for dinner at the Fish Market, however the parking area that I'm accustomed to using was blocked off. It took me a while to find a space, and I almost gave up and headed elsewhere. They're building a parking garage in the blocked off portion of the parking lot, to open in Summer of 2004.

We also happened upon a map of the center, which shows some additional development ongoing for the next two years, with a Target opening there in 2006. As if it wasn't crowded enough as is.
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