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The White Blood Cells Are Winning, For Now

According to the thermometer, my temperature is only 98.6°. My body, however, begs to differ and just feels achy & run-down. As it stands, I'm going to go into work & hope that I don't start feeling worse.

Just in case, though, I'll take a small army of Tylenol with me. Last night I did a quick search about flu relief, and I found a college (Penn State University I think it was) health page, and they recommended Tylenol as the best symptomatic relief of the flu. I learned in my college (Virginia Tech) days that the health services office was not shy at all about giving students the absolute best drugs to push any illness to the side to keep you going to class. If PSU's health office recommends Tylenol, it's probably a pretty good solution.

Of course, now I realized that I should've just gone to Virginia Tech's health page and seen what my alma mater recommends for the flu. ... Yup, they agree, and recommend acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) for symptomatic relief, in addition to drinking lots of fluids (water, sports drinks, broth, tea). I've been drinking a fair amount of water & orange juice already. Oh, I love my company sometimes, and right now it's because the lunchroom fridge has a fair amount of orange juice stocked in it!

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