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Giving The Presents They Want The Most - Sam's Journal

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December 20th, 2003

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10:05 am - Giving The Presents They Want The Most
I don't know why I didn't just wrap this up into the previous entry, but I guess it's different subjects completely. Oh, and I didn't think to post about it until I had already submitted the last one. But I digress...

My mom had been hoping that I'd go home for Christmas, but when she asked about it I said I wasn't sure where the Hokies may be going for a bowl game, and that if it was out this way I wanted to go to it. Lo and behold, the late-season swoon of Virginia Tech happened again, and they're bowling in Phoenix the day after Christmas. So I won't be in West Virginia for Christmas, but instead I'll be on the road to Phoenix, and come back on Saturday.

I also have the week of Dec. 29 - Jan. 2 off from work, so I started looking at airfares home, expecting them to be terribly unreasonable. It turned out that I was a bit wrong. I found a fare leaving here on the 29th and returning home on New Year's Day for a touch under $300. (Considering that this is a cross-country flight into a rather small-ish airport, I think this is a good deal.)

So I booked a flight home for a few days after Christmas, and my Mom is happy that she's getting what she wants for Christmas, even if it'll be a bit late. Dee's going to stay here, partially because of the terribly cold weather that awaits in WV, and partially because she always gets run down after a trip, and we'll just be getting back from Phoenix.

Depending on the weather while I'm there, I might head back to Roanoke and say "Hi" to a few people. But the weather needs to be a lot better than what they were telling me about today. It's been snowing pretty much non-stop for the past 3 days. My sister still lives at home, but works about 45 minutes away. She had to get a hotel near where she works, because she couldn't drive home safely after work last night. (At least, this is how I understand it as relayed by my parents.)

(If I had about twice as many frequent-flyer miles, I might have been able to get the flight for free... but it would've meant flying from LAX. Ouch.)
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