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I Hate Being Sick... - Sam's Journal

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December 21st, 2003

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08:53 pm - I Hate Being Sick...
What I hate most is the in-between sick. If I had a fever, I'd just call in sick to work. But I've never been one to miss school, or work. If I feel like I feel today, I think I should go in to work. Perhaps this is the "good attendance" factor that's drilled into kids when they're in school. (Or was my school district in West Virginia the only one that gave out certificates at the end of the year for "perfect attendance?" It always bothered me that even if you went to a doctor and had a note, you didn't have perfect attendance. Expecting kids in school to never get sick is a little crazy, and rewarding those lucky enough to not get sick during the school year sorta pointless, IMHO.)

Another part of it is... if I don't go to work this week, then shouldn't that mean I'm not feeling well enough to go to Phoenix? Especially since Phoenix is a 6 hour drive that I have to do myself. I mean... I could say that I'm staying home to be sure that I am okay to drive to Phoenix. But then, if I'm okay to drive to Phoenix on Thursday, shouldn't I have been okay to go to work on Wednesday? And Monday and Tuesday too?

I guess these things are weird a certain way in my head. Like on Friday, even though I was feeling run-down, I didn't come home from work until I had finished what I wanted to get done. Dunno if you call that stubborn or stupid. Maybe both.

Sitting on the couch gets old, but it's sorta the problem with my acid reflux tendencies. Since I really should stay upright for 3 hours after eating, it's not like I have much chance to lay down. Bah. At least I have a computer, video games, and TV to provide some entertainment and, more importantly, distraction. I also have a large collection of used tissues. Ewwww. It's either decongestants and tissues or feeling like my head is swelling and about to explode.

Speaking of which... there's something really lacking in the instructions for Sudafed. Take 2 pills every 4 to 6 hours, and do not exceed 4 doses in a 24 hour period. Well... that's every 6 hours all right. But it seems that the damn things only work for about 4 hours on me. Result: two hours of full head feeling and minimal tissue usages, then four hours of feeling better and a massive run on the Kleenex.

(Hrm. Maybe I should file that one under "too much information." Heck, I'm miserable, you might as well be too.)

(At least my humor's still here. That proves that... well... I dunno. Something important I hope.)

Onegai Teacher. Very cool anime, even though I've only watched the first 4 episodes. Sorta silly. What am I saying, REALLY SILLY. (Dee chimes in, "But isn't all anime?" I think I need a "^_^" in that quote as well....) Sci-fi romantic comedy. Is there a genre they didn't weave into it? (Okay, no space cowboys yet.)

At least I'm not a walking, talking Alka-Seltzer commerical yet. And hopefully it'll stay that way. (Dee says that's the Nyquil commerical I'm thinking of. Hmmm... okay, maybe I shouldn't be journalling right now...)
Current Mood: congested

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Date:December 21st, 2003 08:54 pm (UTC)
i have a ton of perfect attendance certificates. in fact, i have one for not missing a single day of the entire school year.

it really sucks, because now... even if i hate a class or something, i'm compelled to attend. i cant even be late, because something i hate more than not showing up is being late.

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