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I did go into work for a bit today. I got up after 7, got ready and got to work around 9:15. Checked up on the running test from last Friday, and then the Director came to chat with me. "Why are you here if you're not feeling well?" he asked. I swear, there is no right answer with that man.

Anyway, I checked up on my stuff, got a new test running, and headed home around Noon. Actually, went by the grocery store for a few things and came home. Then I hit the bed, around 1pm.

Around 4:30pm, I woke up & got back out of bed. While the Sudafed & Tylenol have worn off, I'm still feeling pretty good. My head hasn't filled right back up, and my body isn't completely achy.

While I was napping, I got a phone call (around 4pm) that left a voice mail. It was Paul, a former colleague from Virginia who'll also be in Phoenix for the Virginia Tech bowl game. After I woke up, I called him back and talked about meeting up with him in Phoenix. He is one of the few people I know without a cell phone, but he knows my number and I know where he's staying.

The "professional guilt" in me says, since I'm feeling better, I should call work and, if the problem has hit again, go in and check on things. But it's 30 minutes for the round trip, and I guess I just don't feel like doing it. I feel an obligation to my company, especially since we are on a schedule that keeps getting pushed out due to these weird bugs that take hours and hours to reproduce.

And on top of it, I might end up having to beg for another day off. I had thought that the day after Christmas was a company holiday. It turns out I was quite wrong, but I think everyone in the office is planning to be out that day. It was put on the schedule as an "out" day for me, but then I didn't sit through the Engineering meeting with Bobby to see if it was OK'ed. *crossed fingers*

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