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Awake... - Sam's Journal

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December 23rd, 2003

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07:32 am - Awake...
...and feeling much better this morning. It might be the 12-hour Sudafed (which I will take another of in a half hour anyway, just to be sure), but I feel tons better this morning. A whole lot more alert, more "with it" than yesterday morning, where I just hauled my sorry ass into work.

Of course, I have that nagging doubt in the back of my head. Worried that I've been "scheduled" to work on Friday. Perhaps I can beg it off to Sunday, the day between Phoenix & West Virginia. Perhaps there wasn't a problem at all. Next time I'm going to be much more careful about the holiday schedule.

Next time I find a new job, too. I didn't even realize that another part of this job is working 4 more days a year than my last job. Yup, my last job had 10 company holidays, 2 company-selected floating holidays, and 2 employee-selected floating holidays. The new company only has 8 company holidays and 2 employee-selected floating holidays. Fortunately I'm getting paid well enough that I'll deal with it. But then... I also was getting about 4 weeks per year of vacation in the last job, and now I'm back to 3 weeks per year. *sigh*

But then, after I left the old job, it seems that a massive cut sweep went through the facility. Who knows if I'd still have a job if I was living in Virginia. Well, a job other than McDonald's. *smirk*
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