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Here's hoping that SuperShuttle works out well. I don't really have much experience with this type of service, and therefore I'm worried that something is going to go wrong. I also know that since my pick-up is so early, I can always drive myself to the airport if things don't work out by 5am. They're supposed to be here between 4:25am and 4:40am.

I'm sorta looking forward to the trip home, but still I'm worried about it. My sister seems overtaleneted in the "bother the big brother" category. My mom says she's going to be working a lot while I'm there, and I'm honestly hoping that might make things a bit easier. I also might take a side trip down to Roanoke for the day, weather permitting, to see some other people that I haven't seen since I moved. (Gosh, what a hard way to say that.) Of course, if I do go to Roanoke, I think I have to bring back a Lunch Box from Heavenly Ham, and a pizza from Humble Pie or face the wrath of Dee. Hmmm, maybe I'll just FedEx it back.

Actually, I don't really know what the weather is like back on the East Coast right now, and part of me doesn't want to know. I know it's gonna be cold. Cold doesn't bother me all that much, though. I'm just hoping the weather isn't too bad for my parents to come pick me up. And I'm fully expecting both of them to come to pick me up. It's why I picked such an early flight, as it got in to Charleston as early as possible. For those who have never been there and never heard me describe it, Yeager Airport in Charleston is built on top of a mountain. They chopped off the top of the mountain to make the runway & terminal area, and you drive up the mountain to get there. It's not a drive that would be fun in bad weather. *crossed fingers* I just want it to be reasonable....

Almost outta time here, so that's it for this entry. Hopefully I'll be hopping online from West Virginia. Hopefully my sanity won't require it. :-)

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