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So confused...

I have finally put my grubby little hands on a GameCube controller (with a GameCube attached, no less). The local Toys'R'us has the demo station all up and running.

To hell with this Xbox shit, GameCube's got better games IMHO.

NFL Fever sucks. WaveRace Blue Storm plays good and is visually stunning.

(Making the players in NFL Fever more realistic was a mistake, Micro$oft. We don't want to see all the rolls of flesh on the linemen. Though the butts on the wide receivers make up for it a tad...)

But... I really shouldn't get either of them. (Though, given the change, I will probably grab a GameCube.) I really should save up money. The way things are going right now, my job might be gone in about three months. Should save money. $300 (system + game + other thing) isn't much in the grand scheme, but it's better to have it in the bank than in a game system. Cash is much more negotiable.

So I'm just irritable. I want a toy and I know I really can't get it now.

So I looked around for something to bitch about. Franklin finally updated their web site to say they're not going to do a Microsoft Reader for the eBookMan, but it was very prominently advertised on the box when we bought it several months back.

(The box made it sound like it was already available. It wasn't until we got inside the box that we found out that it was still "under development".)

So I've sent a bitchy e-mail to them asking exactly how they're going to compensate those of us who bought it because of the MS Reader promise. (We bought it for that. Quite a bit of content at the time in Reader format, and a $200 eBookMan was much less than a $500 PocketPC.)

Argh, I'm just really bitchy. I need something more to bitch about.

Shit. Fuck. Damn.

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