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A Short Discourse on Work

Work sucks.

Doesn't get much shorter than that. But why do I think it sucks today, when it doesn't always suck? I mean, I'm coding today. This should make me happy. But it's coding all these inner guts of something that I'm still not sure if the design works. But we're approaching code freeze. So it has to be done. But it sucks.

Regression testing will suck even more.

What do I like at my job? Hmm... architecture. Designing the new systems. But implementation just doesn't get me going it seems. At least not implementation of yet another feature on a product that should've died long ago. But that's what this release is: yet another patch to the system so that The Company (tm) can keep selling it. Besides, at only 2 years removed from college (well, plus the co-op time), I'm not someone who gets to do design often.

At least not any of the important designs.

Nope, the 20 year veterans design the new stuff. The new stuff that I learned in school. The new stuff that I *did* in school. But, doing in school isn't enough. But I can't do it here because I've only done it in school. And they know that I came here after I graduated and therefore I can't fake having done it before. Like the veterans can do.

Hmmm... is that what bugs me? Ranting about it makes me feel better. But then, my compile's done as well. And how can I put a mood on this entry, when it's changed during the writing? Oh well...

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