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Last full day in West Virginia. I had been thinking about taking a side trip to Roanoke, but it's a three hour drive each way, and it's already 9 AM. I wouldn't be there before Noon. I'd spend until about 5pm there, and then drive back in the dark. It would be nice to see Roanoke again, but I don't feel like driving that much today. I guess I'll have to make an honest trip to Roanoke sometime.

Besides, the more I think about it, the more I'm unsure if anyone will be around to catch up with. The company I used to work with takes the week from Christmas to New Year's off, so it's not like I can drop in for lunch with them. And there's only one family whose home number I have. A long trip to visit on family.

So I guess I'll just hang out here today. Hopefully I can get out for a bit, most likely to Wal-Mart. I mean, there's not much other than Wal-Mart. Well, other than restaurants and hotels. And damanged building from the storm on Monday night.

It turns out there were some really heavy winds as part of a storm late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. It uprooted a tree just down the street from my parent's house. It also ripped part of the roofing off of an office building about two miles from here. Those are the only two things I've heard of, but there could be a bit more that happened, too.

My mom mentioned yesterday that my sister (Cindy) and her friend Roy are now, after several years of "just friends" are now more than friends. I'm not quite sure what I should take out of that. My sister, historically, has made terrible choices of males to associate with. Roy sounds like a normal, good guy. Hopefully things will work out for them. (I know, that was totally random.)

I fly back on Thursday, and Dee will be gone to Vegas. The kitties won't have been alone for that long, but I'm sure they'll be complaining that Dee is missing. That's just how those kitties operate. ^_^

Anyway... good last morning of the year, everyone!

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