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So I returned home on the 1st. Dee was in Vegas. I was unsure what I was going to do. Meeting her in Vegas sounded interesting, but also sounded too impulsive. I went to sleep unsure, but leaning to staying home.

I woke up around 7am on Friday. I sat down on the sofa, hopped on the laptop, and started checking fares. Something in my head clicked, and I decided on the trip. I booked a one-way fare at 7:30am and was in an airplane by 10. I would've been in Vegas by 11, if not for some air traffic congestion which delayed us in Long Beach.

Caught up with Dee, her friend Delina, and Delina's mom Willa at the Venetian in Vegas. Wow. Very impressive building. In the time from when I booked the flight until my arrival there, they had picked up tickets for a show with Wayne Brady for that evening. Dee and I had a little time to ourselves (including a little look around the shops at the Venetian) before Delina and Willa came back from a separate journey, and then Delina, Dee, and myself were off.

We walked down the Strip, with a wheelchair for Dee powered by myself. Most of the intersections were easy enough to navigate in the wheelchair, which I had been slightly concerned about. We went down to the Bellagio, to try and watch the fountain there. We got there around 3, and were told that the fountain ran every half-hour. I didn't see it run until 4, though. By that time, we had given up and moved away, so we didn't have a great view nor did we see the entire show. But what we saw was cool.

After that, we headed to the Aladdin, and played a few slots. I put $5 in a 25¢ slot machine, and cashed $10 out. I put $5 to the side, and saved the other $5 to play later. (Eventually, I played the other money until it was all gone.)

The show was at Paris Las Vegas, so we headed there for dinner. There was a restaurant there that caught Delina's eye, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, but it was a bit pricier than she wanted (~$50 entreés), so we looked at other options. I suggested trying their buffet, because I had wanted to try a Vegas buffet. Since Dee was in a wheelchair, we were escorted in a bit faster than I expected, to a table which was rather close to the buffet lines.

Ahhh, the Paris buffet. It was worth $25 to me. King Crab legs, cut open lengthwise and served iced. Rather large (say, 15-20 count) shrimp, also served iced. And lots of them available. Yes, I'm a seafood person. They also had a reasonable Prime Rib, and Delina thought their chicken was very good as well. The dessert selection was a bit lacking for my taste, but they did have a sugar-free apple pie, which wasn't bad.

After dinner, we headed to the theater. We got settled in, and they were passing out slips of paper to suggest song titles for songs that didn't exist, so that they could be used as part of the show later. Dee came up with "I Sold My Soul to the One-Armed Bandit." I grabbed another slip, and added "Liquor and Poker in Las Vegas." We turned them in, and waited for the show.

It was just like Whose Line, in a way. It was all improvised. It was, in general, hilarious. The first "skit" was a Gansta Rap where Wayne used words given by the audience before he came on stage. Each word was written on a separate page of a chart board, and revealed in sequence. "Eucalyptus" froze him, and it was funny. From my seat, I couldn't see what was on the paper, but it turns out that the writer didn't spell it in any reasonable manner. It was still hilarious. And after the "Music Student" gansta rap was over, Wayne announced that he'd be taking resumés after the show from people who could spell. ^_^

Later, the house lights were up (for audience participation) and Wayne saw someone leaving the auditorium. "We have a runner!" he called out, and the band started playing an alarm siren-type thing. Wayne & Johnathan (another of the performers) ran out to "capture" the runner. Very funny.... note to self, never leave a Wayne Brady show mid-show.

And, at the very end, they got to the songs suggested by the audience. I forget most of them, but I remember 3. For each song title, someone else had associated an artist or genre, and then the song was done in that genre or to a song previously done by that artist.

"Mister Pickles" was a children's song. Wayne just stood there, as if frozen in terror by the title handed to him. Mister Pickles turned out to be a naughty, naughty song.

Dee's "I Sold My Soul to the One-Armed Bandit" got chosen, which was amazingly cool. They used Tina Turner, and two of her songs. I forget the first, but then they went into "Rollin' on the River" for the rest of it. hehehe.

Finally, they did one (I forget the exact title) about Saddam's capture, to "8 Mile" by Eminem. It was sorta funny, hearing Wayne Brady do a Saddam impersonation as part of the song.

It was great, and I was really happy I went. Today was a lot more boring, including the drive home where I slept quite a bit. But I think Dee & I will be going to Vegas again. Going somewhere for the first time is a bit hard, because I'm not sure if I'll like it. Now that I have a good memory from there, it'll be easier to go there again sometime. ^_^

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