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As anticipated, all operations at this office are going to end. No timefrime, however Mr. CEO wants it done as soon as possible. However, they have almost no answers for the questions that are being asked. They don't know when our lease here runs out, or if it will be possible to go month-to-month to have more time to finalize everything. Geesh.

The one mildly bright spot is that they are identifying a group of critical resources that, if they choose not to move north, will be given a secondary option. That option is a three-month extention where they want us to commute to the north office 3 days a week, and will allow us to work from home for 2 days a week. The purpose is so that we can help train permanent employees in the north office and provide continuity of knowledge. A little was said about possibly extending these deals longer, based on the rate at which they can hire and train new engineering staff.

So one question is if I'm one of the critical resources. Second is if Dee could deal with that as a temporary situation. Third is if I can leave the company during that three-month extension if I find a new, permanent job. Joy.

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