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Bah Job

Okay, wory officially SUCKED ASS today.

Yesterday, Customer Support/Marketing put in a new SCR for a "field issue." It was not made out to be a high priority to us, so nothing was done on it that day. This morning, people were asking about it. A meeting was called with the customer. Turns out we have promised a resolution to the customer by Tuesday.

So at 3pm, priorities changed. We were all working on this, priority one (senya juko no? hrm, Priority One is a popular phrase of Onegai Teacher, and I always loved how it sounded. And they always said, "Make this your number one proirity" after all key events). Bah.

We were told to work Saturday & Sunday to get this fixed. So I was there until 10pm -- I went in at 9:15 this morning. Long damn time. As I left, it looked to maybe be a problem in Windows, as we believe we reproduced the problem without using "our" code. I'll check e-mail in the morning, hopefully they'll have enough proof before they go home that we don't have to go in tomorrow or Sunday.

Bah, just trying to enjoy the time that I've got.

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