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Blech, Monday.

So it turns out that I didn't quite get my code right when I left on Friday, and it crashed about 30 minutes after I left. Oh well, I got a good crash dump and I think I know what happened, and the fixed version is testing again.

This weekend was pretty good. Just hung out around the house mainly, a great luxury after the working pain of the weekend before. Kappa mentioned perhaps (maybe) getting a forty night going maybe weekend after next, which sounds great just for the getting to hang with people part. Although I might not make it to the weekend after next, hehehehe. It was good staying home, but I do miss hanging with friends. ^_^

Had some good chats with people on IM, though, even if I was at home. Especially when it's just chit-chat, and nothing important. It's nice to chill with friends online some too.

Even did some cooking this weekend, which I haven't done in a while. I made brownies for Dee, and hamburgers for both of us on Saturday evening. I like cooking, it just feels like I don't have a lot of time to do it anymore. Probably as much my opinion as fact, as I could make time to cook if I wanted I guess.

Anyway, these are happy thoughts that are helping me through my Monday, and I thought I'd post & share. ^_^

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