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Getting stuff done - Sam's Journal

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January 24th, 2004

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01:39 pm - Getting stuff done
I don't even remember the last time before today that I worked so much in doing laundry. Usually Dee does most of it and I just help hang it up. Today I actually carried all of it out, helped load the washers, moved all of it to driers, carried all of it in, and helped fold the whites.

It's late January, and I did this--going outside--in my shorts.

I'd have to go back to college to find when I did laundry myself on any reasoanble schedule, and in those cases I was thankful that the laundry was usually in the dorm building with me. The only exception to this was my freshman year, when the laundry room was in the next building. Brrrr. Never liked doing laundry in winter there.

I still prefer having a washer & dryer in the apartment. I want to get us back to that sometime soon. I keep saying it and I hope I'll make it happen, but we'll probably move when our lease runs out. The apartment itself is nice, and there's been little to no problem with insects, but the visitor parking situation flat-out sucks, and laundry room is a negative, and I really do live away from where I'd prefer to be.

Since my job is really up in the air, I want to find a job closer to the Valley, 'cause my friends live more up that way. Santa Monica would work pretty well I think. But changing jobs twice in just over a year, yuck, I did not want to do that. Especially since I *finally* got health coverage set up for Dee & I through the current company. *sigh* Time to make those put-off check-up appointments, just in case the next company gives us as much trouble.
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