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Poker Night

So last night I went to a co-worker's house for a poker game. It was fun, though the conversations tended to be boring. It also was a large group (9 total) which sorta made Texas Hold-Em a crap shoot game. But I won't complain, I ended up $9 on the game (but chipped in $4 for pizzas so was only up $5 for the night) on basically a $10 buy-in from all players.

Interesting things from the evening: no smokables were brought into the game by anyone (oh well), there was a TV near us on which we watched "The Apprentice" (yet another 'reality' series, which I actually enjoyed), then Half Baked (on Starz! -- and no, I didn't pick it), and then Eric's sister suggested Real Sex, but she turned it on and didn't care for it so she found a skin flick on Skinimax... ummm... Cinemax. The naked boobies distracted Eric quite well, heh.

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