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Mission: Meatloaf

Yesterday we were taking care of some needed shopping and soup at Marie Callendar's sounded good to Dee. Looking over the menu, I got their meatloaf, and lamented that they serve it with brown gravy. I'm accustomed to a tomato-based sauce for meatloaf, or just ketchup.

Of course, I got the meatloaf with the gravy on the side, and liberally applied ketchup at the table. Not bad, but still it's just not the same as meatloaf baked in a red sauce. I forget who said it first, but we mused if Good Eats had done meatloaf so that we could try theirs.

Well it turns out that, yes, there was a Good Eats meatloaf recipie, so we printed it out and collected all the ingredients we could need. First ingredent: food processor.

Yes, food processor. The recipie said to combine things in a food processor, and when Good Eats specifies how to do something there's always some very good, reasonable explanation. So we looked around online to get an idea of a good food processor for the job. Dee checked Williams Sonoma, and we found a reasonable, if small, Cuisinart unit.

So we travelled to South Coast Plaza to visit the Wiliams Sonoma store, and we got a nice, white food processor. Cool. Then we stopped for a lunch (for me) at Lawry's Carvery, right between the car & Williams Sonoma in the mall. Dee ate some of the homemade potato chips with my Club (turkey, bacon, avacado) sandwich. Yummy!

We hit Target, to collect a 10" loaf pan, a meat thermometer, and a few other things unrelated to the recipie. Then we hit Henry's Marketplace for spices, vegetables, and ground beef. We couldn't find worchestershire sauce or parchment paper at our previous stops, so we tossed in one additional at Albertsons for those two.

We did adjust the recipie a bit. The original called for 1/2 onion, chopped. We subsititued 1 stalk of celery and 2 mushrooms, hoping it would be reasonable. I did most of the assembly, and boy is that food processor a miracle appliance! Vegetables went from whole to pulverized in 3 seconds flat. I'm glad I was being careful or I might have ended up with veggie soup real quick.

Cooking it was different, though. On the show, Alton Brown says that when baking meat you really have to check the internal temperature to see if it's done. So we decided to give it a try his way, and I must say I'm quite impressed as to the results we got: cooked fully, and not dry at all. Yum!

It's a bit heavy on the pepper for my tastes, so next time I think I'd cut the black & cayenne pepper each in half. Of course, I also added twice the black pepper specified, so it might have been over-peppered in the first place this time.

Oh well, so that's what we did for dinner. I need to figure out if this can be subsituted really easy with ground turkey and make it for my friends. :-) Of course, to do it right, I'd need to have mashed potatoes to go with it. ^_^

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