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It all started this past weekend. A nasty, persistent cough. Before I went to work yesterday I checked my temprature: it was 99.4°. When I got home yesterday, I checked again: 99.8°. Le sigh, I think that qualifies as a fever.

Last night I loaded down on cough supressant before I went to bed, and that helped me sorta sleep until 2, when I was just feeling the fever. Checked temperature again, still in the 99.8° range. Plus my nose was stuffed up. Took Sudafed and Tylenol, and tried to get comfortable on the couch. Sitting up felt more comfortable than laying down.

Of course I didn't really sleep well on the couch, and I still feel out of it. So I'm staying home from work today, even though I could function "well enough" to go to work maybe. I hate burning vacation days because of these iffy sick days. Taking the drugs that make it more manageable make me worried about driving, so I guess that answered it for myself.

At least my medical insurance has finally be sorted out, so that if this doesn't get better tonight I can go see a doctor tomorrow to have myself checked out.

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