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Taking it easy

I just felt it wasn't worth trying to go into work today. I've been out of it a lot. I mean, I feel just fine when I'm sitting or laying in place. When I start walking around I get light-headed. I wonder if I would have even made it out to the car.

Anyway, took advantage of the time home to submit my resume to another company (via a listing Kim left in my journal, thanks!). Also got a call around 2:30pm from a recruiting agency. Not so thrilled about the recruiters, and I really don't sound like a fit for what the company is really looking for. Of course, this could just be because the recruiter is clueless about what the company is really looking for. They may be back in touch to set up a phone interview.

Oh, the recruiter did say that the company is in Irvine, and is a small start-up. I'm not sure "small start-up" is exactly what I'm interested in, although I think it's more a matter of asking a lot more questions of the start-up than I did last time. I really didn't have any idea what I was getting into with a start-up last time; now I know more what I need to ask.

I still think Google would be the coolest, but since I don't know what I'd really be doing for them I really don't know if it's the right job. I would at least be able to tell people "I work for Google" and they'd know who I worked for. Who hasn't heard of Google? Of course, it could be the wrong job for me, so I'll have to wait & see if they call me.

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