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Getting Better

Feeling much better now. Of course I had work today as well so I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, heh. Ended up quite behind last week, but then since I was sick there's not much trouble for me, yay.

Okay, comment on the Janet flash from the halftime show. Why is it such a big deal that a tit was on the Super Bowl? C'mon people, it was a tit! It's not like they killed someone on national television. Personally I'd rather see nudity or sex on TV than blood, gore, and violence. But then no one has ever asked what I want to see on TV.

Yeah, I have the news on the TV right now, and they had yet another report on it. I want to go buy a Janet Jackson CD. Maybe even a Justin Timberlake one, since he's the one who ripped it off. Ooooh, it was "accidental" and "unrehearsed" eh? Justin certainly had to work hard to rip that off, no accident there. And Janet didn't seem surprised until after it was off, so I think she expected something from him.

Oh well. Anyway, it seems that Dee now has my wonderful cold from last week :-(. I made her some chicken noodle soup when I got home and have tried to do everything I can for her to try and make her comfortable. I know it's not much but I'm trying, and I hope she's better real soon. Right now I figure we'll be on our own again for Angel night this week, 'cause I wanna make sure my baby is well taken care of.

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