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Paper Trails - Sam's Journal

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February 7th, 2004

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05:55 pm - Paper Trails
Got a call back from the Progressive agent after she got in touch with the other parties. Vehicle in front of me says he saw me stop behind him and felt only 1 impact. Vehicle behind me claims he saw me hit the vehicle ahead of me before he hit me. So we have a three-way race with 2 votes saying I stopped and then got hit & pushed, and one who says I hit and then got hit.

Survey says... Progressive agents says they feel that I am not at fault in this situation and they will work to get the insurance of the guy who hit me to take care of everything, and that they'd be in touch later in the week.

The entire situation still has my nerves fried a bit. And I forgot again to ask if it was okay to drive with my bumper messed up. Well, I guess the Highwap Patrol person told me to get going, so I guess it's okay to drive it tomorrow if we need/want to get out.

Before all of this, I had just passed Disneyland and was thinking that it'd be nice to go this weekend. I had thoughts of riding California Screamin', the roller coaster with a loop. It would be the third time I've ridden it. After this accident, I'm not as sure that I want to do that. Not so much that I don't want to ride the coaster but more that I just want to stay home.
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