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So the car's in the shop and I've got a rental to tide me over. The… - Sam's Journal

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February 9th, 2004

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10:44 am
So the car's in the shop and I've got a rental to tide me over. The estimate from the body shop came in at $2,730.14. From the hour esitmates for work, it could take them 40 hours to do everything. But then my car isn't the only car they have there. So two weeks minimum I guess. Yuck.

The rental from Enterprise is another Saturn, an SL class model. $24.99 a day, yuck. I was hoping that there'd be an option under the $20/day reimbursement but no such luck. I can only hope that the rate gets discounted on the weekends, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

What really sucks is that the rental doesn't have any power accessories. Most notably, the windows are crank and the locks are manual. I'm going to miss my car I think. Hell, I know.

Anyway, only in to work an hour and a half late. :-/ I hate that, as I should hang around until 7:30 tonight. But if I get my work done (and I was a bit ahead on last Friday), I might slip out early anyway. These tragic weeks have to come to an end soon.

On a lighter note, I've already had to go back to the repair shop once. When I emptied out my car, I forgot to grab the gate remote. Fortunately they hadn't moved my car yet so it was easy to grab the remote. I also ran by the apartment complex office, and they gave me a "guest parking pass" where they wrote on it that I was OK in my Red parking space. I'm going to write up & print a little note before I leave work to leave on the windshield as well, just to cover my ass.

And now I get to start work for the day...
Current Mood: tiredtired

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