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Uncertain Future - Sam's Journal

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February 13th, 2004

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10:14 am - Uncertain Future
Last night Dee and I talked about "the move." Most notably, and offer was extended at the beginning of the week (and the RSVP is due today by noon) to travel to the Bay Area next weekend (the 21st/22nd) to "see the area" while the company arranges a few presentations on real estate and the like.

So, on one hand, it's certain that Dee doesn't want to move. But it's also certain that I want to make sure she's (and by extention, we're) taken care of. Taken care of consists primarily of a job for me. In my three weeks of "shooting for the best options," I have gotten zero (0) bites. So what does this mean of my general job-getting opportunity here? What happens if we don't move, and after the 90 day commute I still can't find a job? It's an area I don't want to experience.

So, on the other hand, the most "stable" (potentially) option is to move. Things are getting sorted, and the company seems to have a two-year funding source in the current investors. This extends our stable period a bit, but then again if things go south it may be even harder (if such a thing is possible) to find a job in Silicon Valley. After all, the company is moving there because there are so many people "available" to hire.

And then there's the third option, hinted at by the VP of Engineering, that if I can't move they may be able to come up with a deal. But then, this was also mentioned in the breath where I said I was looking for a new job, and they wanted a chance to counter-offer before I accepted anything. If I don't have something to counter, they may feel that they do not need to do anything special for me.

Supposedly (at least, what they tell is) they won't let us change our minds after the end of this month--the 27th, the last business day. Two weeks left. And I'm torn. I think things are getting set up here for success, but I also know Dee doesn't want to move. I'd rather stay here too, because I have good friends, but honestly I'm more concerned about providing for Dee.

If I cashed out my 401(k), I think we could scrape by for 3 months. Thankfully my car (which I should have back in a week) will be paid off in May, before the office here closes. Plus rumors are running that instead of a May/June timeframe, the move is slipping to a July/August timeframe. But that's still only a rumor.

Yeah, I'd get a 10% raise if I move. I don't even know if that would cover the cost of living differences between Orange County and Silicon Valley. But then I really wasn't sure if my new job out here would "pay enough" to cover the cost differences from the Roanoke Valley. Bleh.

Uncertainty abounds. The only certainty now is that Dee and I are going for the "see the Bay Area" trip. It's almost as hard as deciding to move out here. There are strong reasons for both options. But when I was moving out here, "financial security" for us was similar in both cases: a start-up that could go out of business, or a company that had done lay-offs for 8 consecutive quarters. This time, it's a certainty of needing a new job in 6 months vs. the possibility of a start-up going out of business. In a way, they may be the same thing.
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Date:February 13th, 2004 12:53 pm (UTC)
DOnt forget California is a right to work state. So find out your rights. yes if they pay for you to move and you quit you may be contractually obligated to pay them back what they paid for you to move. Dont let them bully you into a decision until you know your rights. the smart thing my be to have an attorney look at anything you are asked to sign and they can not force you to sign anything "right now." if it is not legally binding you may be able to get the best of both worlds until the move happens. of course you would lose the reference but if you have another job lined up who cares right?
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Date:February 13th, 2004 03:24 pm (UTC)
we should move to india. a whole lot of programming jobs have happened up there.... ours :/

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