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Panera! Panera! Panera!

When I woke up this morning, I fetched the Sunday paper from in front of our door. I took it back to the bedroom, where Dee and I sat in the bed while we went through it.

There are always coupons around the TV guide thing section in the paper. Today, they were from Bruegger's Bagels. Dee said that bagels sounded okay but she didn't like Brueggger's. So I went and grabbed the laptop, to find another bagel place.

First, I Googled for "Costa Mesa Bagels" and was surprised that it did return a somewhat useful #1 link with a lot of O.C. area bagel shops. So I wanted to go for bagels.

Then I decided to just check out Panera Bread online and do a search for our ZIP code. There had been no Panera's out here when we moved last year. However, there now are two: Somewhere on Sepulveda in L.A., and in Irvine! Irvine? YES IRVINE! w00t! Panera Bread hath found our poor and wretched souls living without Asiago Cheese Bagels with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Cheese (damn, I that stuff is GOOD!). Dee was in full agreement: PANERA! So guess where we had breakfast... YES! PANERA! We both started with said Asiago w/ Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Cheese Bagel! I had a large O.J., and Dee got some tea. I finished mine, and went for another-Everything w/ ... you guessed it! Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Cheese! Ohhhhh, it was sooooo deliiiiiciousssssss! ^_^

Anyway... then Dee wanted to go walking around somewhere, so she suggested Fry's Electronics. I though of Williams-Sonoma, to look for a citrus fruit juicer setup of some sort. So we went to Williams-Sonoma. Found a "remote probe" meat thermometer, like I've seen on Good Eats so much. Mmmmm, properly cooked homemade roasts and poultry, ahoy! And a silicone oven mitt (also from... Good Eats!) was beholden by Dee, which joined the bounty.

But we did get out of there with a mini strawberry cake demo, yum!

Walked around the mall, and went by the Sony Store. No damage there though. Then we went back to the car, Dee thinking of going to Henry's Marketplace for some groceries: stir-fry makings! As we pulled out of the South Coast Plaza parking lot and sat at the light, I realized that Harry & David's was right across from us, so I ask Dee if we can swing by there. (Actually I asked her to guess what I thought of, pointing vaguely in the right direction. And she said: "Old Navy?" Bwah! 'cause I POINTED at it!)

She OKayed that, and then (in the parking lot) I saw a Payless Shoe right next to it, so I asked for a further course change, and I found me a new $18 pair of shoes! LOL! They looked pretty good, a nice change from what I have now. The cheap makes it easier to go, because if I grow to hate them, well, they were cheap. :^)

We did get to Harry & David after that, and picked up a 5# box of pears (my originial, evil plan!). Nothing else tempted us, and I remembered to get my Harry & David card punched! And then off, to Henry's!

I picked up some lemons & limes (we're on a home-made fruit-juice drink kick), and we got veggies for stir-fry. Also some wheat grass for the cats. ^_^ And then... home!

So this has been my excellent day, stir-fry yet to come!

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