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The 80's

Watching "I Love the 80's" on VH1. They're up to 1987, a year that I actually can place in my memory, mostly from the music. Or, more appropraitely, just from Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now."

First, some background. I was in the Gifted & Talented program. This meant that, in grade school, I spent one day a week with the "Gifted Teachers" and the other four days in normal class. Gifted class was a bunch of odd stuff, not much of which was really notable on its own. However, one recurring project was "Future Problem Solving."

Our teachers, Dana Thomas and Marsha Bailes, started WV FPSP in 1987. Wow. Well there was an extension to this program, called Community Problem Solving. It was a weekend "getaway" and a lot of schools around the state sent students. Myself and two others from my gifted class (who actually came to my school from other schools in the county for the gifted class) attending, as my memory recalls.

We were put together into teams, and one of my team members had a little walkman, or maybe it was a small "boom box", and had a tape of that song. I remember a lot of it, even though I was 11 at the time and really didn't "understand" the song.

I never cared much for Mr. Thomas or Ms. Bailes. The first year I was in the gifted program (4th grade), they kept "promising" activities--most notably for me, the computer lab--but always postponed them. I really hated it that year, and actually stopped going to gifted that year.

Fifth and sixth weren't much better, though I did keep going to classes through the year. Seventh grade was junior high, and I liked it a lot better. Most notably, gifted changed from a one-day-a-week program to a one-period-a-day program, which actually replaced the "round robin" class that all students were required to take. And we had a wonderful teacher, Dee Bodkin.

Of course, the summer after 7th grade Dee Bodkin moved away, and Dana Thomas moved to the junior high to take over her class. So I didn't take the gifted class in 8th or 9th. I never cared much for the man's classroom style. Honestly, I never gave him much of a chance after grade school. He probably thought I was as annoying and difficult as I felt he was.

Anyway, there ends my rambling on history...

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