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So I swung by the rental car place this morning in an attempt to reclaim my gate remote. While they had two different garage door/gate opener type things in the lost & found, neither was mine. And the car I returned was taken out by one of the managers there, and won't be back until Monday. :-(

In a way, I guess heading out of town this weekend works well then. At least it reduces the amount of time I would otherwise have to deal with not having a gate remote. And hopefully, come Monday, I can get my remot and be able to enter and leave my apartment complex at will again.

Math for today: 8:25PM departure - 60 minutes early check in = airport at 7:30PM. Too close to rush hour, allow 60 minutes to arrive at airport = depart home at 6:30PM. Allow time to load car, 30 minutes = arrive home at 6:00PM. Allow time to get home from work, 30 minutes = leave work at 5:30PM. End result: We'll be at the airport at 7:00 PM. Fortunately, I want to take the laptop, which means WiFi internet in the terminal. ^_^ Ah, the little things which make my day.

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