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Travel Update - Sam's Journal

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February 21st, 2004

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08:44 am - Travel Update
So what can I say about the trip so far... well, I remember just how much I hate standing in lines. I understand that companies want to keep their expenses down, but at some point I'd rather pay a few dollars more than stand there for who knows how long. Of course, my main complaint was with the car rental place, but I guess the company would rather save a few bucks at Thrify than be more convient for me at Avis, just a few steps down, with three people at the desk and no customers. C'est la vie.

And I always forget how long it takes to get through everything at an airport. Get off the plane, go get luggage, go outside and wait for the shuttle to the rental car center. It probably took an hour to get off the plane and get the car. And then there was the drive.

Of course we were lucky enough to get stuck in a sizeable backup on the 880--an accident was blocking all lanes for a while there. We flipped through the radio and found some traffic on the AM dial... and then realized it was L.A. traffic (101 at Coldwater Canyon, teehee!). Then we found Bay Area traffic, and of course they led with the 880 each and every time traffic came around.

We got to our hotel room around midnight. Small plus: the internet service for computers is complimentary. I was just hoping it'd be less than $9.95 a day. I tried getting online at the Long Beach Airport as well, and while I had strong wireless signal I didn't get an IP address assigned, which sorta prevents that whole "web surfing" thing. Yes, I am an addict.

Not sure what we're doing during the day today. This evening is a get-together at the CEO's home. Oh joy, I get to see the opulence that a boomer has in their residence. (Our CEO had formerly worked for Palm, so I expect it's not going to be a shabby place.)

But no Panera Bread locations up here. I guess we'll have to find something else for breakfast.
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