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Bite #1

Granted, it was a recruiter, but this recruiter sounded like they had been hired by a single company to fill their open positions. So I don't know if this is good thing or a bad thing, but we'll have to see.

They said they have a client in Irvine who is looking to expand their 200 person company with an additional 60 engineers. The recruiter had all the buzzwords from my resume: embedded, C, and Linux. The recruiter claims they're looking for someone with networking experience for a senior position, though they have a set of positions he thinks I may fit.

He said that he has a meeting with managers at the company tomorrow, and would send some information to my home account. He asked if I could send a Microsoft Word format version of my resume to print & take to this meeting. He believed that he could arrange an interview by the end of the week, and said that start date is an important factor for his client.

So... number one, I've heard a lot of shady stories about recruiters. We'll see how this goes. But it's the first more-than-tenative bite I've gotten so far. Perhaps things will work out... even if it isn't the dream position that's about an hour north, at least it is L.A.

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