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The VP of Engineering wanted me to give him a call. On said call, he… - Sam's Journal

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February 26th, 2004

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05:07 pm
The VP of Engineering wanted me to give him a call. On said call, he wanted to say how much potential he feels I have within the organization if I stay.

Of course, the two "more-senior" people in our group absolutely aren't moving. So of course he could be saying this just to try and get me to move. Even though he prefixed said comment with "I know it won't have any affect on your decision."

Very suave, very political.

Very difficult.
Current Mood: scaredscared

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Date:February 26th, 2004 05:24 pm (UTC)

reply to both you and dee

Question time ... I apologize if you've already answered these in prior posts, it's just more stuff to consider.
It seems that you both have a strong preference to live down here. The issue, then, is whether it's monetarily feasible. If you start to live like monks for the next few months while the commuting's occurring (can you expense meals, etc when you're up there?), once the job ends, how many months would you be able to live w/o a job and pay necessary expenses? In a worst-case scenario, would you be willing to take a lower-paying, or non-programming job if necessary? Would you be upset with having to do this, and would being able to live in your desired area make up for that? Are the company founders still talking about starting a new project down here? Will you be able to job-search while you're commuting? If you commute, and near the three-month mark, things aren't looking good, could you finagle into FT up there again?

(All these questions make the situation seem so depressing, but really, these are all worst-case scenario issues. You may very well find something next month, which would make all this moot.)
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Date:February 26th, 2004 05:52 pm (UTC)

Re: reply to both you and dee

Assuming very tight living, I think we can definitely have enough to cover 3 months without tapping retirement accounts. Add those, maybe 6.

Assuming I can get said lower-paying or non-computer job, I would take it. Not that I would necessarily enjoy it. I'd really rather avoid that situation in the first place. But if I'm out of a job, the sooner I get a trickle of an income going, the longer the savings could last.

The previous founders are working on something, but I've not heard about it yet. Sounds like they're several months away from paying anyone, so that goes back to making it across the divide.

There's nothing binding about the commuting, I could end that any time, such as if I found a new job. I could probably job-search in parallel with it, though it requires some interview flexibility from prospective employers if I can't change the commute schedule.

They say there will be no possibilities of people going from commute to full-time. But that's really based on if they're successful in filling all the positions. Everyone who doesn't move becomes an open position to fill. Possible, yes, though I wouldn't count on it.

The situation is very depressing...

Move: until end of May or June to find job here
Commute: until end of August or September to find job

Neither option is binding, except that the company claims that they won't let you change your mind (instead, they'll just let you go); who knows if they can follow through on that threat or not, though.

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