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My "option election" sheet has been turned in. I'll commute, but we aren't moving to Silicon Valley.

Having done it, the logical person in me thinks it's the wrong choice. (Or is it the greedy person who is valuing myself just in terms of salary?) I have until the end of August, minimum, before I'm without a job. Of course, if I find something before then I'm not going to worry one bit about bailing on my current employer.

Something that I just recalled from a meeting yesterday: there was a group of Engineers that the company had been interviewing to hire. But there was a deal-breaker: they didn't want to relocate from Austin, TX to Northern California. I'm not sure where they thought our company was based.

I feel like I should start cutting back on expenses as soon as possible, though. I like being able to go do, buy basically whatever I want. It's hard to keep myself from it. We've been doing better the past few months (and the savings account shows it), but there's still a lot more that could be done.

I'm sure this is part of why I didn't want to choose this direction. I feel like I should batten down the hatches now, so that the bank account can grow as much as possible by August.

Part of the talk Dee and I had last night was about everything we might have to give up. Dining out, copious entertainment spending. Heck, even the $45 DSL will probably (at some point) get traded in for dial-up. Bye-bye DirecTV. Bye-bye cell phones. There are so many little things we spend money on each month it's absurd. But they're all little entertainments we like. Netflix. Everquest. (Porn.)

It's depressing. Majorly majorly depressing. Relocating would be easier to deal with; since money would still be coming, we could at least do everything we wanted to try and escape from the depressing reality of moving. But there's not much that can be done about the depressing reality of staying, at least not if I'm being responsible about it.

I'm glad that I turned in the decision Dee wanted. But, then, I went through what she's going through last year, except I had a small promise of something better when I moved out here. Neither of us have any promise of something better with this move, had we taken it.

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