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Personal Rant Time

Okay, S is a co-worker here. Today he came to me for assitance getting Ethereal to run on the company's Mac laptop.

History: previously, S had asked if Ethereal could be installed on the Mac laptop. I provided him a link to some basic information, and S went off (with the assistance of V) and installed Ethereal. Or so I had assumed...

S came, asking if I remembered how to start Ethereal on the Mac. So I went and looked, and it had never been installed properly. So, being the nice person that I can be, I fixed up the laptop so that it could run Ethereal.

S insists that Ethereal worked before on the laptop, that he had used it himself. I hate it when people lie like that. "I thought I used it" would be OK, but DON'T tell me that you're sure you did something impossible. Unless someone managed to go and uninstall the Xwindows server.

Hell, I had to reset the system password on that laptop before because they forgot what they had set it to. All I did was search Google and found the answer.

Really annoying thought: so many companies don't care about your ability to find answers and get shit done. They're just interested in years of experience and technology experience. I should start padding my resume's like some of these morons. I bet I could fake the knowledge by looking stuff up. Bah.

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