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Status Update

Don't worry, this isn't work related at all. But it seems that our phone service at home has gone kaputsky. Yesterday I tried to call home on my way out of work, but the phone didn't ring. But, at the time, the DSL was still chugging along merrily. I even checked e-mail when I got home around 12:30 last night, and the DSL was still happy.

This morning, no more DSL. So we've called SBC, and a technician should be out sometime before 6pm today. Hopefully it'll be a quick fix. I feel bad for Dee, 'cause she is a 'net addict (as am I) and she'll be crazy bored today. She was going to do laundry, but that's not really practical since she'll have to be there in case the tech comes by. Not sure what she'll end up doing, but hopefully it'll be resolved posthaste.

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