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Weekend Recap - Sam's Journal

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March 15th, 2004

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02:12 pm - Weekend Recap
I'd have to say this was a great weekend. And next weekend is my "birthday" (even though the actual day isn't until Monday, I'm calling the weekend my "birthday" to make it easier to get together).

Friday evening Dee and I went to Disney. It had been a while since we headed up there, and it felt like a pretty good evening. It was packed!

Actually, as we got inside the front gate, I heard drums coming from the distance, in a style that didn't seem to fit in at Disney. As we emerged from under the railroad track tunnel, I saw a marching band on Main Street. It knocked me way back into nostalgia.

When I was a Senior in high school, our band took a trip (in April, I believe) to Walt Disney World. It was a "reward" for having stuck with band, but to make it an "educational" (and, thus, something we got some days out of school for) trip, we performed at Disney World.

So it seems that the "Summer Music Days" program (at least, I think that's what it was called) is still going strong at Disney. I wish I had caught the banner for the band, to see where they were from.

We managed to wade through the crowd (which had watched the band, but was actually waiting for the "Parade of the Stars" which was just about 10 minutes away) and went through Adventureland. We stopped for a snack to eat, and then made our way further back. Once I realized we were almost to New Orleans Square, I suggested Pirates of the Carribean; Dee agreed.

After we were done on the ride, it seemed Dee was running out of steam. We started heading out, but of course the water fountain show (Fantasmic, IIRC) was starting as we left Pirates. If we could've found a good place to stop and watch, I would have, but it was packed!

We stopped on the way out for some cookies: chocolate chip for Dee, snickerdoodle for me. To be fair, I didn't snack on the cookies on the way out. ^_^ And that about wraps up Friday night.

Saturday we went up to hang with Suzy & Maus. I remembered that we still had "Lost in Translation" from Netflix, so we took that with us to watch. It was nice to sit there for a while and chit-chat, and just have a relaxing time.

It seems I have made some cheesesticks fans as well. Actually, we would've gone for something other than pizza, but the main options were veto'd, so pizza (and cheesesticks) it was. The company was better than the food, but the food was pretty good. (So that means the company was great!)

Sunday we just took care of the apartment a bit, and got groceries... but not until after we had gone out to Panera for bagels! They royally messed up Dee's hot tea (they gave us a number but didn't bring out her drink, and when I went to ask they answered "you were supposed to come get it from the to-go window" but the cashier TOLD US they would bring it to the table... ARGH!) but the bagels & cream cheese was still good. Yum!

And that, as they say... is that!
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