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The Post I Neglected To Make Last Night

Mr. Director asked about my plans again, and asked if I could help out with the interviewing tomorrow (Saturday). There are two candidates flying down for the day, getting here around noon with a return flight departure of 5:50pm. Director thinks that we'll spend about two hours with them, from around 1 to 3 pm. Since their flight departs at 5:50, they have to be out of the office by 4:50, and more like 4:00.

So I guess I'll help out with that. I checked with Dee and guests aren't expected until 6ish, which should be plenty of time to get back from doing the interviews.

I don't think of myself as a short-timer at the company. I'm doing things just like I'm going to be there forever. Including going in on Saturday to "help out" and look like a team player. The VP of Engineering has said that he'd like to "work something out" to keep me with the company. I guess I'm hoping that may happen. As much as the relocation sucks, I do think they have a good product and I would like to keep working with them. It's all a matter of what "working something out" equates to.

Meanwhile, the two more-senior developers than I have been in negotiations with the VP of Engineering about staying on beyond the office close date, which is now set as the end of May. They put an offer to receive some severance, and the VP of Engineering and CEO turned them down. Twice. Next Thursday they have a meeting with the CEO, and Mr. Lead told me, in private, that he may give notice at that meeting.

If both guys give notice, then I'll be "Mr. Lead" by default. It would let me put "lead experience" on my résume. The current Mr. Lead is feeling pretty ticked off with the new-new managment. (Founders = old management. Then the new management. Now we're on the new-new mangement.) I guess in a week we'll see what happens.

p.s. the "anxious" mood icon should not be smiling, IMHO.

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