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I May As Well Be Invisible - Sam's Journal

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March 22nd, 2004

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08:50 pm - I May As Well Be Invisible
So my actual birth day isn't going so well. Red Lobster was crowded and we were hungry, so we opted to try "King Harbor Seafood Restaurant" across the way. It's basically just a Chinese restaurant with a bit more seafood options. Oh well. The seafood was pretty good, just outnumbered significantly by vegetables.

Coming in from the car, I was just lagging behind Dee. She didn't notice that I was lagging behind until she turned to go into our building. I might as well be invisible.

Since we've been in the door, she's not said a word to me. Now she's got the damn laptop and is sitting on the couch next to me without having said anything. Am I invisible already?

edit, 10:00PM: Things are definitely better. Sometimes a little direct communications is all you need to work things out, and neither holding it in nor running online to whine will do anything but hurt.
Current Mood: hurt

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