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First, the details. Mr. Director is here until the end of May. Mr. Lead and Mr. Second gave their notice, so two weeks left for them. Mr. Third is moving, and will do so middle of next week--Tuesday is his last day in the SoCal office, he'll start working out of Silicon Valley.

This was all announced at a 5:30PM meeting. Just before this, Mr. VP of Engineering called me in for a meeting with him. The company has a severance offer if I agree to keep the commute schedule through December: 6 weeks of severance, plus I get the "Silicon Valley Salary" (aka 10% raise) if I take it. I'm not sure if the original 3-month commute is still an offer.

Not sure what to do about it, really. The new group that I'll commute to work with ('cause everyone else in the group is moving) will be nothing like what I'm working with now. I don't even know how much of it I'd know by the beginning of June.

I like the "more money" part of the offer, and I guess I'm hoping that there's some type of lead role for me. Leadership (running a group) experience would open a lot more doors for me when looking for jobs.

I guess this just re-opens the hard decision from the end of February re: move or stay. I don't want to be away from home 4 nights a week, that was so college & LDR with Dee. But I'd love to be away from home a lot, sometimes I feel like I never "sowed my oats" and sometimes I just wanna get out there. I'd take Dee up the valley every now and then, but then we'd have to find someone to check on the cats. It just seems annoying to me.

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