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Lots of Update

Geesh, I slacked about posting my travails last week. I guess the biggest highlight is that I caved in to a toy urge. I got a M-Audio Keystation 49e keyboard to play with on my iBook with Garage Band. For those who don't want to follow the link, it's a USB bus-powered 49-key piano keyboard. It doesn't have a built-in synth, but when I connect it to Garage Band on the iBook, my iBook does it for me. Jam sessions ahoy! It's great... just the cable to the laptop and it's ready to go. *swoon*

Dee and I had just ended up running around a bit last Sunday, and I wanted to encourage her to get some walking in so we ended up at Fashion Island. We went into Circuit City first, and I saw the FFXI hard-drive kit for the PS2. But... with Second Life on my Mac for the price of $10 one time and no monthly fee, paying per month just didn't appeal to me. If I pay per month, I feel that I have to play, and then it's not as much fun. Second Life, well, who cares if I go two months without playing.

The Sims Online was similar... the "problems" they had were fine while I wasn't paying. But once we started paying monthly for that game, the missed deadlines just got annoying. At least with SL I can say... I'm not paying each month for it! LOL

So after we got home on Sunday, Dee was entertainedtortured by my playing with the keyboard. (Dee says it was fine... LOL. She knows how to stroke my ego. ^_^ ) It's nice. But now I have to learn a bit more about Garage Band and see what I can really do... I've tried making my own songs, but I'm never happy with the result.

Work... bleh. I've been there extra both days this week. Just have stuff to do, and trying to get it done. Monday I knew the time but I wanted to finish "just one more thing." Tuesday I was in the lab and didn't realize the time. Hopefully today won't be a continuation. But the realist in me knows that it probably won't happen. But I'll try and keep it to just a half hour or something. Hopefully.

Speaking of work... on Monday, the AC unit for the lab broke. They got it fixed that afternoon. Yesterday (Tuesday), it was broken again. This time they brought in fans to try and keep the lab cooled. Three fans, all of which reminded me of turboprop aircraft ready for take-off. Fan 3, you're clear for takeoff on runway 1-9er.

Woke up just before 6 this morning for some reason. I don't know. I just got up instead of tossing and turning. Hopped in Second Life. Dee might have finally found a "game" to play with me... even though there's not really any advancement or goals, other than to have fun. It's a glorified graphical MUSH (or MUD, depending on where you frequent), or a chatroom.

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