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Hamster Dance

This is just entirely toooooo happy to be legal! Gaw! I LOVE IT! (the song, that is)

Okay might as well make a real entry of this. Anna's wirhlwind tour of Southern California is over. Her plane left around 10:30 AM, so she's midair somewhere right now. It was cool. We took her to see the ocean, hit Downtown Disney, at at some cool restaurants, and she got us into an Edwards theater absolutely free!

She used to work at a Regal Cinema, and she told me that a corporate perk was that employees always got free movies, even away from home. So were eating as Pat & Oscar's in the Irvine Marketplace, and we had been planning to go to Downtown Disney's AMC theater (ooops, music stopped -- fixed), but we were feeling stuffed. So I noticed the Edwards behind us, and they had The Ladykillers playing. So Anna calls a friend of hers, who is still a manager at a Regal in Virginia. She talks him into calling out to the manager here to tell them to expect... three (!) employees on vaction.

It seems this is a standard thing. They didn't even ask for ID's at the theater. I wish I had friends like that back in Virginia! LOL. So we got in absolutely free. Maybe there were perks to hanging out with people who worked at theaters, beyond free movies pretty much whenever when i was in college :^).

I spend far too much time remenbering the bad stuff in my past. Chatting with Anna at dinner last night, I remembered a lot of things that I hadn't remembered before. My memory really sucks ass. But I realized that, damnit, I had a great time in college. So what if I didn't drink, I still had a damn good time.

I've been down on myself lately about not having lived my life to the fullest, and it left me feeling like I was worthless and uninteresting. But I just seem to magnify in on the bad, forgetting that there's good out there in the seams. And those seams are really wide, if you just step back and look.

it's a good realization. A very good one. I'm glad I made a more real entry out of this. Thank you, Hamster Dance.

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