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Bitch Session Ahead

This is going to be me ranting about some annoying behavior of co-workers. I wanted to give everyone the option of opting out by placing the rest of this behind a cut.

First, there's the Director, just under a month left on the job. Plus he's on PTO for the rest of the week. I had to catch up with him today to get in sync for his absence, but he didn't even come in until 2:45 pm. And even then, he had meetings and I couldn't get ahold of him. I finally got some time with him around 6:30pm, but I wasn't done until nearly 8:30!

While I was with him in those almost two hours, we were looking over his code which he told me to "integrate" but it doesn't work in a lot of cases. But he just wasn't listening to what I was saying. I should've just come out and bit him for it, but I didn't. I'm a wimp. I asked if he had run any basic tests on his fix, and of course not! If we don't manage to run every test, he rips us to shreds. But did he do even the basic tests? OF COURSE NOT! FUCKER!

Okay, and then we have Falafel (nickname provided by co-workers). Falafel has to deal with an outside company that we get some software from, and we're trying to get them to fix bugs in their code. So he comes into my office and bitches for a good half hour about it. Like he has done semi-regularly for the past few months. He was visibility agitated, I don't care how "unstressed" he claimed he was. At that moment he was in full breakdown. I just wanted him to leave, wanted him to stop worrying about it, but he wouldn't listen. *sigh*

So that got me home for dinner late, which sorta threw Dee's plans off. I guess it's not the worst day, but there was a lot of room for improvement

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