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Paraphrased conversation:

Cow-orker: I just deleted all the files from the data servers. How do I clean up the metadata now?
Me: You shouldn't delete file from the data servers. You should go through the exposed drive.
Cow-orker: That's slow. It's a lot faster to delete it from the data servers. But how do I clean up the metadata?
Me: You've destroyed the system.
Cow-orker: But how do I clean up the metadata?
Me: Try deleting it through the exposed drive.
Cow-orker: But it'll be slow!
Me: No, the utilities that do the deletion are stupid, hence slow.
Cow-orker: I'm deleting through Explorer.
Me: That's slow.
Cow-orker: Can't I just delete the metadata?
Me: Nope, not on the new platform.

Just a bit later:

Cow-orker: It failed to delete a directory.
Me: You did something unsupported.
Cow-orker: I should file an SCR.
Me: You did something unsupported, therefore no, you shouldn't.
Cow-orker: But it's broken!
Me: Because you broke it!
Cow-orker: How do I fix it?
Me: I'm not sure how. Ask System Integration.
Intern: Create a new metadata directory, change over to it, then delete the old metadata.
Co-worker: How do I do that?
Intern: First...

As I run back to my office...

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